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Fuck The Pietriarchy is a nonprofit founded by two sisters with a penchant for sweet treats, good times, and feminist causes.

Our mission is to empower women and non-binary people in different sectors of the arts and entertainment industry through live fundraising events, such as bake sales, concerts, and comedy shows.

We believe feminism is a wide umbrella that many important causes fall under-- from access to comprehensive health care to gun safety to disaster relief. 

We also believe that pies sold for charity have zero calories. 

It's really a win win for everyone.



- We're baking pies this Thanksgiving to raise money for the Texas Equal Access Fund -- an organization that provides emotional and financial support to those seeking safe abortions in Texas. Place your pie order here!

- This year's pie pick-ups will be at a mini-holiday market that we are hosting at Basik in Williamsburg, BK. Shop sweet treats and goods from local vendors and artisans for a good cause!

- We are thrilled to announce that our benefit concert for the Immigrant Defense Project on October 6, 2019 at Baby's All Right raised over $7,000. Special thanks to all the bands and vendors that participated. Check out photos from the night here!

- How do you take down the patriarchy?  According to this interview with FTP co-founder Rosie Sherman, you do it one slice at a time.  Watch the full video here.

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