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The Sisters

Fuck The Pietriarchy is a charity pie baking operation founded in 2015 by sisters Julia and Rosie Sherman. Every Thanksgiving, the pair have baked and sold hundreds of pies out of their home kitchens with all proceeds donated to charity.  In 2018, they expanded the mission of FTP to include live arts and entertainment events featuring and benefiting women and non-binary people (and pie, too, of course).  The sisters believe that feminism is a wide umbrella that many important causes fall under, from access to comprehensive health care to economic equality to racial justice. To that end, FTP has so far raised $8,375 for Planned Parenthood, $7,200 for The Immigrant Defense Project, $2,500 for Unidos Pos Puerto Rico, $2,000 for The Brady Campaign To End Gun Violence, and $1,200 for Trans Lifeline.

They also stand firmly behind their belief that pies sold for charity have zero calories.

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